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Frequently Asked Questions

I think I need to see my Chiropractor. Should I get a massage before or after the adjustment?

You should get the massage first. The massage will relieve tension in stressed muscles allowing them to relax thus allowing the Chiropractor to do the adjustment more easily and the results of the adjustment will last longer. 

Why should I drink water after my massage?

Massage increases circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. Lymphatic fluids carry away waste and toxins that are released during the massage. By drinking water you aid the body in flushing out the toxins.
Massage can also dehydrate the body temporarily so drinking water replenishes lost fluids.

How much water should I drink?

I start my clients out with a 20oz bottle after each session. I usually ask them to drink one additional bottle throughout the day.

I have never had a deep tissue massage before. Will it hurt?

Deep tissue massage should never be excruciating. You want the massage to hurt so good. When the pressure is just right to be a good kind of painful. I explain it to my clients this way. I want it to hurt so good not oh my gosh you're killing me. Communication is key in a deep tissue massage. As deep tissue massage targets a set of muscles that are already hurting or compromised by stress or physical demands. Talking to me will ensure that you are getting the right amount of pressure that suits your body’s physical and psychological needs. No pain no gain doesn't apply here. 

I have never had a massage before. Will I have to take off my clothes?

Yes. You will undress to your comfort level. Usually first timers will leave their undergarments on. (panties & briefs)
You will then get between the sheets on the massage table. I will enter the room only when told that you are ready. You will be draped the whole time you are on my table. I will only undrape the areas that I am working on. When finished with one area you will be redraped and I will undrape the next area.